Colonization of the outer sectors all but stopped during the last galactic war – but now that’s over. Companies, nation-states, and the struggling unified government we called the Galactic Concord have returned to a distant cluster of stars and exoplanets known as The Verge.

Once the people of the galaxy came here: For resources. For an end to conflict. For the next big find. For lost loved ones. For truth. For escape. For home. And the “Vergers” aren’t too keen on any foreign interest throwing its weight around in their sector.

As hostilities between the Concord and Verge foment into open rebellion, the tension is detonated by the arrival of a mysterious enemy – the ruthless and inexplicable illithids.

The crew of the Drake just might be the last Concord vessel in operation in the Verge after their sudden strike. Your final orders: stay alive, and hit the enemy anywhere you can.


Vergebleeds chisey danhall Jeremy_Paul maxglenn jon_stout