Leati Rockwell, MD

The Muscle Doc. Sunny. Tenacious. Carved from Mars Rock.


“I made a promise, a committment, an oath to my patients: to help and do no harm. But there is no docket sheet, and Leati Rockwell means NO DOCKET SHEET, where your bowling-shoe-ugly-squid-faced-candyass is EVER Gonna be my patient. So let’s reconstruct that face.

Leati Rockwell was born dying, pre-mature on a high gravity planet. The only child of two traveling laborers on the abandoned Illithid Empirial Moon/Martian colony of Aries. He survived because of a Terran Doctor doing charity work on rustic planets was there to attend to him.

Raised without access to basic space travel, Leati dreamed of finding a way off that red stone. Some sports scholarships and a bad early marriage later, Leati found himself moved within the Concord systems. To insure his citizenship, he served bravely in the Cargo wars under Chief India Gunderson, to whom he feels the bond of an older sister. One bad drop ended his military career abruptly: he was discharged with a honorary Purple Heart, full citizenship, and a full ride to any school of his choice.

Pivoting his nova level smile and absurdly muscular body into helping instead of hurting, Leati Rockwell became a physician with an emphasis on complex surgeries and experimental medicines for the Concord’s fleet. He joined The Verge mission because it was a stray Doctor without Galactic Borders who insured his safe birth: the least he could do is #passiton. He was in the final year of his residency before illithid ambush killed his superior and made him Chief Medical Officer of The Drake. Doc Rock is ready to have your back, and encourage you in your life goals.

“I have a few anchors in my life: my baby girl back home; clangin’ and bangin’ at all hours in the gym (gonna lift Levity’s Mech SOMEDAY!), that fundamental quality of faith when things get dark, a dirty joke, and great selfie”

Leati Rockwell, MD

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